Our Team

Jason Beilchick

Age: 43

Position: Founder & Lead Investigator Of Ghost Hunters Of Ohio State Team

Since i was a child i have the abilities of sensing peoples emotions and able to see and talk to spirits and i grew up in a haunted house when i was a little kid and i currently live in a haunted house with my partner of 11 years.In 2007 i formed a group with very close friends whom i call my family as well as my teammates who are the best people i have in my life and love them dearly and now me and my teammates set out to help people who are having problems in their homes and businesses of unwanted guests and we are there to seek the truth.

Lorraine May Lampton


Position: Co-Founder & Lead Investigator Of Ghost Hunters Of Ohio State Team

Since I was a child, I have always been able to sense entities, whether they were human or not, I also have the ability of being an em path. Growing up I started having premonitions of death and of the changes to come for those around me. As an adult, I have passed this down to my children ( now all grown) I have sons that are em paths like me. I believe in finding other ways to explain things first and foremost, if it cannot be explained or debunked then there may be a possibility of it being paranormal. Science first, even with my own abilities, which I have to ignore in order to find the truth before stating whether or not it may be paranormal.

Matthew Lampton

AKA Ghost Magnet

Age 54


I have a guardian Angel watching over me since my many  accidents,  Paramedics and Doctors have told me I should never have walked away from any of them. I have had many experiences since then and someone once told me I was a magnet  for the spirits, and the name stuck with me ever since.  I now live in a home in Ohio  that has many spirits in it.

Kendra Delong

Age 55

Lead Investigator & Case Manager

I am currently 55yo, a wife, mother and Nana. My first love is Nursing and my second love is the unknown.

I care for those still living and those who have passed on.I’m pretty new to “ghost hunting” more like spirit communication to me. My goal is to make more discoveries of the unknown and help those in need.

At the age of 12 I was visited by my guardian angle which peeked my interest.I believe I am empathic since I have been able to take on others emotions and pain beginning also around the age of 12.

Age 48

Investigator & Teach Specialist & Safety Coordinator

Bio Coming Soon