Ghost Hunts For 2012

Investigation at Sedamville Rectory in Cincinnati, Ohio

Investigation at Black Moon Manor in Greenfield,Indiana


Ghost Hunts For 2013

Investigation at Private Residence,Circleville,Ohio

Investigation at Private Residence,Newark,Ohio

Investigation at Private Residence,Columbus,Ohio

Investigation at Private Residence,Columbus,OH

Ghost Hunts of 2014

Investigation at GreenLawn Cemetery,Columbus,Ohio

Investigation at Poasttown Elementary School,Middletown,Ohio

Investigation at Bobby Mackey’s Wilder,Kentucky

Investigation at Cedar Hill Cemetery Newark,Ohio

Investigation at Wilson Cemetery Utica,Ohio

Investigation at Newark Cemetery Newark,Ohio

Investigation at Ramsfield Inn around the Ohio River

Coming Up Investigations of 2014

The House Of Josiah , Charlottesville, Indiana

Mansfield Fire Museum ,Mansfield,Ohio

2 Responses to Investigations

  1. Kathy Carter says:

    Forgot one it was in Scranton P.A.

  2. Kathy Carter says:

    we haven’t done the one in Indiana and I have tried to send you the evps from bobby mackeys to put on our cases part here but my e-mails won’t let me and we may get to go to Mansfield Museum on Sept 6th. I believe it is being set up now folks so I will let you know.

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